Starlight Wish Lists


The Starlight® Wish List program is an online giving marketplace that empowers donors to improve pediatric care by funding critical unmet needs in local communities. Hospitals, clinics, specialty camps and other non-profit healthcare facilities publish customized Wish Lists on so donors can simply point, click and ship those
much-needed items directly to their facilities of choice.

“Starlight Wish Lists are a virtual philanthropic ecosystem connecting donors with hundreds of facilities to support the critical unmet needs of millions of kids and families directly at the point-of-care.”

- Jacquie Hart, Global CEO, Starlight Children's Foundation

Registered partner facilities are able to request Starlight programs and other items that will improve the life and health of the kids and families they serve. Starlight also distributes large-scale product donations via the platform, helping facilities meet their evolving needs and maximizing limited budgets to best serve their patients.

“The Starlight Wish List program is so much more than just toys and games. Where you see a can of Play-Doh, I see a tool to help my pediatric patients understand how cancer cells form a tumor, and how we treat it to help them get better.”

- Tanya, Child Life Specialist, California Hospital Medical Cente

Individual donors can search by geographic location, facility name or treatment specialty, making it easy to donate to a registered facility that holds special meaning for them. All Starlight Wish List donations are timely, transparent and tangible with 100% of each donation directly funding items specifically requested by and shipped to the facility. Donors receive a tax receipt for their entire contribution.


Corporations can make product donations to support registered facilities on a local, regional or national level.

Product Donation Information

Starlight simplifies corporate philanthropy by delivering exactly what is needed, where it is needed, using real-time data provided by our partner facilities. If you represent a corporation interested in making a large scale product donation to Starlight partner facilities, please contact Allyson Schwartz.

Starlight Partner Facilities

If you represent a non-profit or public hospital, camp, respite house or other pediatric healthcare facility or charitable foundation and would like to create a Starlight Wish List, register here. If you need additional information, please contact us at