Starlight Tablets


Starlight® Tablets are critical resources for healthcare professionals to support the ongoing needs of hospitalized kids, from assessment and care management to entertainment and distraction therapy. Teens can directly access the Starbright World® online community and healthcare professionals are able to customize content for individualized care.

Housed in a protective cover that complies with strict infection control protocols, the Starlight Tablet provides distraction therapy for young patients, especially important for those with limited mobility. During procedures or lengthy wait times, kids can play games, complete homework, communicate with friends, watch videos and log in to the Starbright World community on a Starlight Tablet.


Child Life Specialists and other health practitioners can take advantage of a myriad of new apps and programs that help them improve patient care at the point-of-care. The adaptability to support the specific needs of each facility makes the Starlight Tablet a top request.

“With Starlight Tablets, an art therapist can create art with a child who cannot hold a crayon, a speech therapist can teach a non-verbal child to communicate by pushing a button, a Child Life Specialist can prepare a child for an MRI by playing a recording of the sounds the machine makes and a music therapist can help a child express themselves when they otherwise could not hold an instrument. The possibilities for education, independence, growth and coping are truly endless.

- Vanessa, Clinical Lead for Child Life, Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center

The Starlight Tablet is an invaluable tool in meeting the evolving needs in pediatric healthcare through education, distraction and the healing power of play.

If you would like more information please contact Michele Hall-Duncan at 212.354.2878