Starlight® Tablets


Starlight Tablets are a critical resource for healthcare professionals to support the ongoing needs of kids while in the hospital.

Feedback from Child Life Specialists and other healthcare experts indicates that having a Starlight Tablet allows them to deliver superior patient care. For this reason, Starlight Tablets are ranked as a top priority on hospital wish lists among many of our partner facilities.

The job of the Child Life Specialist is to help kids understand and prepare for their treatments. Since Starlight was the pioneer in creating digital animated, educational programming that guides pediatric patients and their families through difficult procedures and diagnoses, this is a natural evolution of programming.

Today, Starlight is able to put tablet technology into the hands of partner facilities and their patients around the world. Child Life Specialists and other health practitioners can take advantage of the myriad of new apps and programs that help them improve patient care at point of care.

The tools and resources on a Starlight Tablet aid Child Life Specialists in easing patients’ fears and empowering kids to cope with their diagnosis. Starlight Tablets come loaded with Starlight’s educational programming and a direct link to Starbright World and a list of recommended applications.

The Starlight Tablet includes:
- Six of Starlight’s award-winning online educational programs pre-loaded 
- Connection to Starbright World, Starlight's online community for teens
- An evolving list of suggested apps from the Child Life community

Housed in a protective cover that complies with strict infection control protocols, the Starlight Tablet also provides distraction therapy for young patients. During procedures or lengthy wait times, kids can play games, complete homework, communicate with friends, watch videos, and log in to Starbright World on a Starlight Tablet. Even patients with limited mobility are able to use the tablet, making it a critical resource in many pediatric units.

The Starlight Tablet is an invaluable program in meeting the evolving needs of hospitals and children through education, distraction and the healing power of play.

Sponsorship Information

Starlight Tablet sponsorship is currently $1,500, which includes the cost of the unit and shipping.

If you would like to sponsor a Tablet in your community or learn more about our Tablet program, please contact Samantha Martinez or call (424) 245-3665.

Starlight Partner Facilities

If you are a registered Starlight Partner Facility, you can add a Tablet to your Starlight Wish List so that donors can point, click and ship them directly to your facility. Visit your Starlight Wish List page to add a Tablet to your Wish List. Not a registered Starlight Partner Facility? Click here to register and create your Starlight Wish List.