Starlight® Fun Center® Mobile Entertainment Unit


Starlight Fun Centers are mobile entertainment units equipped with the latest gaming system that provide bedside entertainment and therapeutic play for pediatric patients.

For children facing surgery, enduring long outpatient treatments or fighting loneliness after hospital visiting hours have ended, Starlight Fun Centers provide a comforting break and fun distraction.

Nurses, physicians, Child Life specialists and parents report back to Starlight that the Fun Center is a critical tool aiding in the healing power of play to their hospitalized children.

"This morning, a six year old patient who has had problems with breathing treatments allowed the respiratory therapist to complete his treatment while he was playing on a Starlight Fun Center. He truly did not notice the therapist or breathing mask! ”  
- Cindy, Nurse Manager and Cathy, Child Life Coordinator

Sponsorship Information

Thanks to sponsorships from corporations, foundations, and individuals, more than 8,500 Fun Centers are enjoyed at hospitals around the world. Our goal is to provide a Fun Center at each facility on our long waitlist. The need is still significant.

Starlight Fun Center sponsorship is currently $5,000 (*plus applicable taxes), which includes the cost of the unit, shipping, program administration, and a full-service repair/maintenance warranty for three years.

Sponsors are identified by a customized sticker permanently affixed to the Starlight Fun Center, showcasing their generosity for years to come.

If you would like to sponsor a Starlight Fun Center in your community or learn more about our Fun Center program, please contact Samantha Martinez or call 424-245-3665


Fun Center Repairs

For Fun Center repair questions and support please visit our Fun Center Service Repair Website.